Friday, October 24, 2008

14.4 minutes...

Elvis Presley was the King of Rock -N- Roll. He had the world in his hands. He was born in 1935, sold over one billion records, was nominated for 14 Grammy Awards (won 3) and made 33 successful films. He died in 1977, he was 42.

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was born in 1917 and was assassinated in 1963, he was 46.

Both of these men reached the goals they had made for themselves. They worked hard to succeed and gave up much in the process. Life often opens doors for us but is it always best to walk through those doors. I know neither Elvis or President Kennedy believed they would die at such an early age. Both men sacrificed things that were important to them for what they felt was success. Their lives were filled with times of despair and anguish. We all suffer at times in our lives as well but the question becomes what is priority in our life. Is career the most important aspect or is it our health or our family. Do we put God first and if so what does that mean to us. I would say most people do not put God first in their lives. If you believe in tithing (giving 10% to God) do you only tithe your money? I have problems with this Old Testament law as I have spoken about before on this blog. If you do believe in tithing then what about your time; do you then give 10% of your time to God? Is going to church the answer? It helps but doesn't your true ministry to others and the Lord begin when you walk outside those church doors.

OK, back to Elvis and Kennedy. When they stand before God, it will not matter that they were a famous singer or the President. What will matter is, were they right with God. I do not know if they were ready to meet their savior or not. Only God knows this. Did they do as much as possible to win people to the Lord that were lost? Only God will judge this.

Peggy Ann Donovan was my mother. She was 27 when she died. She was a righteous woman and served the Lord with all of her heart. Because of her I serve the Lord today.

Do you give God your best effort in serving him or is it 10% or even 1%? 1% of your day is 14.4 minutes. Think about it...
14.4 minutes a day focused on God; I challenge you to start with 1% and see where God leads you.

God bless you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election...

McCain/ Palin? Obama/ Biden? Who are you going to vote for (don't tell me)? Life is all about choices and this year a historic election is rapidly approaching. Do you make your decision based on personal values, the state of the economy, the war in Iraq, the life of unborn babies or something else. Do you listen to the rederic of campaign commercials, the content of debates or the history of the candidate and his ability to lead. I am so tired of the negative campaigning and I'm begining to wonder if there is an honest political person left in our country. How can some candidates who disagreed so adamately against the two current contenders now speak of how great of a president they would make. I see through this hypocracy but apparently some do not. This is a very important election. Pray for wisdom and really examine the person you support. Time will tell if the people have made a grave mistake in 2008.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love fall. After a hot summer the cooler temperatures are very welcome. The trees with their leaves exploding in a array of splendid color is just beautiful. But, after the leaves are all gone the tree is bare. Could you imagine if your life was exposed (like the tree) for all to see how you really are? You may not be hypocritical but people are not perfect so mistakes and bad judgment calls are made. It is by God's grace and his mercy that we are given chance after chance to improve. Ask God to help you each day and if you make a mistakes learn from them. God loves us and wants us to succeed in our walk with him.