Saturday, August 13, 2011

Small Town Politics...

Moving from a vibrant city to a small town in the rolling hills of the bluegrass over 20 years ago was a big culture change for me. It was nice in the sense that people were friendly and the community really seemed to get along regardless of your political party affiliation. This is not the case anymore. We now have 4 political parties; Democrats, Republicans, the Tea Party and the Independents. None of them like each other and even though this may have been true for many years the attacks are more visible and vocal than ever before. The Democrats secretly in some ways love the the Tea Party because it has split the Republican Party. Reading editorials in our local newspaper and some facebook comments you would think that our town had no one over the age of 12.

Georgetown, Kentucky is the fastest growing city and Scott County is the fastest growing county in the Commonwealth. With that said we are still relatively small when compared to cities like Lexington and Louisville. Being small but growing fast does cause us our problems; our growth is more residential than commercial. So, our infrastructure is being taxed without the revenue to support it. Now one would think that we would remember our past of how well the county and cities worked together. We were able to achieve great things with this cooperative working relationship. In fact Scott County was known statewide for how well it's cities and the county worked together. Think of a marriage, when you work as a united team good things happen, when you don't... well you know the outcome!

So what does Georgetown and Scott County do? What do all of the political parties do in this county that just can't make each other agree to their point of view (which of course is the only way to do things)? I believe the first step is to stop where you are and remember the past! Your present actions are not working. You are causing a division in this county that is not healthy to it's future. Learn to work together. Remember two of the things you learned in kindergarten, share everything and play fair.

When I moved to this community I thought it would be peaceful but it has been anything but peaceful. I still have hope for Georgetown and Scott County but it's up to it's people and the ones they elect as their leaders.
I know this is a stray from my normal posts but it is something that weighs heavy on my mind. I really hate politics. The political party I am affiliated with has betrayed me but that's OK. You know I don't live my life for politics as many do; I love my family and I love my Lord.
“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5