Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update on Carla...

I would like to thank those who have been praying for Carla. Her health has not improved but her desire to live life to the fullest is as strong as ever. She has applied for disability and has been denied twice which in itself boggles our mind. The ones that make the decisions ignore the opinions of her specialists and want her to go back to work. She is physically unable. With her numerous surgeries, her loss of vision, her inability to use her hands for more than a very limited amount of time and her not being able to sit very long at all, I just do not understand what they are thinking? Then we see so many on disability abusing the system that have not worked hardly a day in their lives. 

Please continue to pray for her. She is getting discouraged but even so fights her disease and the system that fights against her. I do not want her to work again and I would never ask her to do so; besides she simply cannot. It is too hard on her and she deserves to enjoy life. I know God is in control and these challenges make us stronger. Looking at Carla and how she deals with her personal issues sometimes I think I am the weaker one. 

Thanks again for your prayers. God bless each of you.