Monday, August 25, 2014

Reaching for God

God, where are you? I need you! How often do you call out to God but wonder if he hears you? God does hear us and has not forsaken us but still often we feel abandoned from Him for one reason or another. Even Christ felt abandoned from His heavenly Father once. Remember when He cried out "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?"(Matthew 27:46)? On the cross when Jesus took the sins of the world upon Himself, His Father could not look on Him so Christ felt alone.  When we reach out to God sometimes our sin can separate us from Him too. The good news though is when we reach out to the Lord seeking forgiveness He always hears us. You see more importantly than anything else, whether it's our need for help with finances, relationships or even our health God is most concerned with the condition of our spiritual lives. Because of Christ's death our sins can be forgiven and God's grace will show favor on us. 

What else can cause us to feel forsaken? Well first remember we will never be forsaken by God. So if we feel this way it is just that, a feeling and a lack of faith in God. My faith wanes too my friends and my actions help me to trust Him more. When I start to feel this way then I generally need to work on my relationship with Him. What do I need to do? Pray more, read the Word more and do more for God's Kingdom.

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