Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lord, keep me humble...

So there I am getting ready to sing before a large group of people and I lose my voice, my musical equipment fails or some other malfunction makes me look like a dork. When this happens I smile and say "the Lord is keeping me humble." A few years back I would have gotten very upset. The reason I got upset was that I worried people would not like my singing. Pride got in the way of my service to the Lord. If I am worried more about my performance and less about reaching others for him there is a problem. Every time I pick up a microphone or play my guitar I desire it to be for the glory of God. I want to see others turn their life over to him. I can either be a part of that process or be a hindrance to it.

Christians what is your motive? Is it to serve God or to serve and uplift yourself? Ask God to help you keep your motives pure. This is my desire and I pray it is yours.


Grandma said...

Jack good post! Let me share with you what God taught me. As you know I lead worship in our church, it is a small church and we have an awesome team. One Sunday my piano player called off and one of my guitars and the flute player. Now that left one guitar, bass and trumpet! I was thinking this is going to be a really bad praise and worship, the Lord spoke to me and said " I can move today with no instruments, you be sure you are using what I have given you and let me take care of the rest" So I learned a great lesson! It's not what we have on stage it is our purpose and obedience. By the way the piano player showed up and we had an awesome worship time!

Keep playing and singing for Him!

Donovan said...

Thanks Karen for the encouragement.